Koenigsegg Regera introduced into family with pride

With the previous supercar from Koenigsegg family, that was the Koenigsegg One:1, it is now time for the family to present its next hero to the world, named the Regera. Much like the brand status and style, this presentable looking car follows every bit of style and attitude.


  • Weight: 1633 kg
  • Top Speed: 410 km/hr
  • 0-100 kmph: 2.8 seconds
  • Engine: 5.0 litre twin-turbo V8
  • Price: $1.9 Million

Photo by Falcon_33

The Previous One:1

The world called the One:1 the first mega car for them and for the automobile industry. It has the capability of going from 0-400 kmph in 20 seconds and back to speed 0 in 10 seconds. The car's name was derived from the holy grail of car design, a 1:1 power to weight ratio. The car somehow was able to extract as much as 1360PS of power from a V8 engine and made it propel with ease with its weight of 1360kg. You may also think to say that car a production-ready car that generates 1MW power. The fancy combination of aerodynamics were set up to make over 600kg of downforce to keep the One:1 stay at the ground level.

Now is the Regera

Coming to the latest release as of now is the Regera.
It seemed to have taken the previous One:1 and continued to develop it further. This is the latest entrant to the three way hyper hybrid battle among McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari.

This 1500 horsepower supercar has an 1100 hp V8, a 700 hp electric motor with no gearbox. This is the first car that is powered by internal combustion, power sent to the wheels through KDD (Koenigsegg Direct Drive) system.

The Koenigsegg Regera though comfortable and presentable is still a track monster with an enormous power under the pedal to ride you cutting the air.

Range Rover and RR Sport 2015 get list of upgrades

Land Rovers being the best luxurious off-roaders to come up never content with near perfections and so it's given a list of upgrades for both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. With detailed changes, SDV8 now with 339bhp and 740Nm has a 40Nm increase and a torque curve from 1700 to 3300rpm.
The eight-speed automatic gearbox  of ZF 8HP70 has now been re-engineered with a revised torque converter incorporating a twin spring damper.
The puddle lamps now project each vehicle's silhouette onto the ground at night to have a better light on the way.

range rover sport 2014

Image Source: Stradablog

Range Rover Sport has its exterior color palette to include the new Aruba Silver for 2015 and the roof and door sills can now be made in body color or black in contrast. There are many possibilities of color combinations on your RR like color options for exterior as a whole, alloy wheels, panoramic roof and interior color schemes as well.
With Land Rover touch screen, you can sync your smartphone apps on Android or Apple platforms with the touch screen making the use of Land Rover InControl Remote and InControl Secure Smartphone apps. The display screen is also integrated with SOS emergency call services and roadside assistance.

Rolls Royce Ghost vs Phantom with Specifications, Wallpapers and Videos

You would felt wrong when reading that the Rolls Royce Ghost was based on the BMW 7 series platform, despite the overlap being scant. With Rolls Royce Phantom, its competitor is its own baby Royce but the combination gets cream rolls on the go. If Rolls Royce needed to build a driver-focussed car, they could hardly look in more logical a place than Munich. The 7 series as established in road tests is extraordinarily accomplished at balancing the luxury-oriented needs and the need to go around corners like a young boy. But the Ghost doesn't at all feel like re-skinned 7 and is very much the new British luxury icon which it's supposed to be.

2011 Land Rover Freelander 2 assembled in India

Land Rover announced the Freelander 2 goes through an update for the model year 2011. The big news was a two-wheel drive version, which is against the company's USP of providing go-anywhere vehicles. However, LR is quick to state that its products will still have their go-anywhere four-wheel drive versions, but are simply expanding their product portfolio to appeal wider audience. There's also a small case of a two-wheel drive variant being capable of having lower emissions and higher mileage.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo Review [w/video]

Obsession with fuel efficiency for India is legendary. With Porsche Cayenne Turbo, improved thermal management on the engine and transmission cooling circuit, standard start-stop, variable engine cut-off, lightweight construction, 8-speed automatic gearbox, all these contributing to a 23 percent drop in fuel consumption compared to its preceding model. The old cayenne, the first generation was a bit too horror for little kids to fear from, but this one is a handsome appealing one. Has an aggressive look, all business and no kid thing.

Image Source: FotoSleuth

The hood is heavily sculpted and tapers down into the front grille, so reducing gaping nostrils of the air dam that was possibly a big problem in the old cayenne. The rear roofline and tailgate also slopes even more giving a sleek appearance. Characteristic 911 cues are present particularly around the headlights, but this is possibly the best execution of those classic cues on a bigger vehicle, say better than the Panamera. LED running lamps are standard, integrated into the headlamps on Turbo.

Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG Road Test with Lap Time 02:02.50 [w/video]

"Disappeared in Smoke

AMG engineers get their hands on a perfectly good Mercedes, leave the engine, work the motor with ten times more power that stands different from some nice wheels, destroying rear tyres with an inferno of tyre smoke.
AMG refer to the 6.2litre V8, all hand-assembled by a single AMG engineer (Kai Xagon Buhner). SL63 develops 525PS and bellows out a soundtrack to stop earth's rotation. At good speeds, it grumbles loud, really loud but, its addictive thrill to drive it. Gallardo might match it on decibel count, but on tone, it's totally different from the Lambo's shrieking V12. It's deep throated with a horrifying roar that only says one word - Power.

Porsche Panamera 4S Road Test with Lap Time 2:04.50 [w/video]

The Unexpected Rival 

Really a big car attracts one to observe it. From the very start, it has shown its abilities at diametrically opposite ends of the scale. The sacrilege of the idea of a 4-door Porsche was at best to tee-off for this controversy. Whatever you think this Panamera cannot do, it can do and it proves better than expectations.

Image Source: M 93

Porsche Cayenne Turbo Vs. Bmw X6 XDrive50I Comparison Road Test [w/video]

These aren't ordinary SUVs. These fly in the face of conventional wisdom and defy the law of physics to lap a racetrack faster than cars. These are even quicker than the Audi A6 by two and a half seconds. X6 isn't really an SUV, it's an SAC (Sports Activity Coupe), though more than that, pumped up by 4x4 platform running humongous tyres. Its one of the most inductive type of vehicle, either you love it or you hate it. There is no middle path. It occupies enormous real estate with offering seating for only four. X6 rides like a sports car and those high-performance tyres might give you terror at merge sight of mud.

Image Source: Jim Makos

BMW Z4 Vs. Audi TT - Style with Performance Comparison Road Test [w/video]

Driving should give you pleasure to drive your sport but with BMW and Audi in a race with each other, you could get the utter magical experience like never before. This joy comes with BMW Z4 and the Audi TT which can pump you full of adrenaline.

Image Source: M 93

BMW 6th generation 5 Series 2011 forwards 7 Series Technology

BMW developed the sixth generation 5 series alongside the impressive new 7 series with BMW claiming the flagship car's influence not only brings efficiency related savings to manufacturing and design but also makes the new 5 series a more efficient car overall. It's known internally as the F10 replacing the E60, the new 5 series shares its platform with the 7 series.

Image Source: order_242

Somewhat closely related to the Rolls Royce Ghost, the new sedan is larger in every dimension with the wheelbase stretching to within 10cm of the 7 series and is a close 7cm longer than its direct competitor Mercedes-Benz W212 E-Class.