Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG Road Test with Lap Time 02:02.50 [w/video]

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"Disappeared in Smoke

AMG engineers get their hands on a perfectly good Mercedes, leave the engine, work the motor with ten times more power that stands different from some nice wheels, destroying rear tyres with an inferno of tyre smoke.
AMG refer to the 6.2litre V8, all hand-assembled by a single AMG engineer (Kai Xagon Buhner). SL63 develops 525PS and bellows out a soundtrack to stop earth's rotation. At good speeds, it grumbles loud, really loud but, its addictive thrill to drive it. Gallardo might match it on decibel count, but on tone, it's totally different from the Lambo's shrieking V12. It's deep throated with a horrifying roar that only says one word - Power.

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Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG (02:02.50 Lap Time)
Type 6208cc, DOHC V8, 
Max Power 525PS @ 6800rpm
Max Torque 630Nm @ 5200rpm
Top Speed 250kmph
0-100kmph 4.7seconds
Price Rs.1.64 crore (US $300,000)

It's so powerful, that all electronic worldly aids would be needed to keep the car on the right track. Keep yourself away from the ESP button, that she's a furious panther. Press ESP once and the setting sets to Sport, that reveals just how hard, ESP is working to save you from your right foot, it allows up to 12degrees of chassis yaw before rapping you on the knuckles.Push it again, and electronics are completely disabled.

ESP was just a start, in electronic aids, there is Active Body Control ( a hydraulically control damping system that adjusts the pressure of fluid around the damper to minimize body movements ), and chassis has a Sport setting to stiffen and lower everything.

There is an AMG button that stores your preferred mix of transmission, chassis settings and stability. And there's RaceStart which is known as Launch control propelling the SL from 0-100kmph in under 5 seconds.

This amount of power is a real scare especially for back seat passengers, for whom SL63 might become the scariest car in the world ever seated. But, when you get the handle of it, you can better judge its transition from understeer to oversteer. There's plenty of warning before the rear slides out into tyre smoking oversteer, enough time for you to adjust your sunglasses so that you can drift out of the parabola with ease.

Instead of a torque converter between the engine and the seven-speed automatic, it uses a shift time quickening multi-plate clutch. Shift up and down in manual mode, can drop directly from seventh to fourth gear or from fifth to second and downshifts are accompanied by a spine-tingling blip of the throttle.

The way to drive a SL63 is not to make the tyres howl in the corners but to use those great anchors to brake hard for the corner as much as possible, kiss the apex early and then feed in the power.

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Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG Road Test Video by CARmagazineTV

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