Porsche Panamera 4S Road Test with Lap Time 2:04.50 [w/video]

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The Unexpected Rival 

Really a big car attracts one to observe it. From the very start, it has shown its abilities at diametrically opposite ends of the scale. The sacrilege of the idea of a 4-door Porsche was at best to tee-off for this controversy. Whatever you think this Panamera cannot do, it can do and it proves better than expectations.

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Porsche Panamera 4S (2:04.50 Lap Time)

Type 4806cc, DOHC V8, petrol
Max Power 404PS@6000rpm
Max Torque 500Nm@3500-5000rpm
Top Speed 280kmph
0-100kmph 5.3seconds
Price Rs.1.53 crore (US $280,000)

Being in the Panamera are the spacious and luxurious seats. A few minute drive from showroom to the racetrack with the full tank of gas, and this car turns out a delightful paradox. Inside the cabin, the tyres sounded tortured. Rear seat passengers might be able to read their stuff easily without looking up. A large luxury car drifted from corner to corner with practiced ease is just a steering fun. The chassis talking with the driver in intimacy, responding to every demand with a smile at every corner with perfection. This car is all ready to race anytime.

A gigantic luxury saloon that has four-wheel drive drifts like a rear wheel drive. This comes close to the Merc Benz SL63 AMG without a turbo bolted on.
On speeding, it shrinks a bit, feeling a little complex as the Honda Jazz. Though a tough task to drift this heavy huge saloon, it cares immense grip of the big 19-inch wheels.

Steering feedback is delightful. The engine feels powerful, bursting with power and torque. Whenever you think the coming corner would make you uncomfortable in alarmingly speeding time, there's either excellent brakes or chassis ability left.

With a lap time of 2:04.50, it's only two seconds off the Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG.

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2010 Porsche Panamera 4S Road Test Video from Roadfly.com

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